“The Million Dollar Question”: Fundraising training Oct. 3

Two men talk animatedly with one anotherIf you’re like most people, the thought of asking others for money can be intimidating. After all, you may get asked questions you don’t feel prepared to answer. Or worse yet, some people will decline to give, and no one likes to feel rejected. But fundraising at its heart is about helping donors make a connection between their passions and your cause. When donors can see your cause truly matters to them, giving becomes much easier.

On October 3, SWIF will host a fundraising training for our fund partners: “The Million Dollar Question” will give you tools to be more comfortable and successful raising major gifts, with inspiration from nationally known speaker Marcy Heim. Marcy has more than three decades of experience in fundraising. Her speaking style is entertaining and high-energy, and she has great content you can use right away.

The event will take place at Max’s Grill in Olivia and the BIO Legacy Foundation of Bird Island and Olivia will co-host. More details regarding the exact time will be forthcoming. For now, please save time on your calendar for the afternoon of October 3 and plan to attend.

In the meantime, read these other fundraising resources:


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